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I surprised my friend for bday on January 24, 2012.Pricy, but I spent $145.

We still came back on January 27, 2012. He spent $155. We were finished drinking and eating, so we were talking. Manager, Somona came over to us and said, "the table was reserved & people were waiting." We got up to leave and before we went down the stairs the manager had 2 women upstairs.

HOW RUDE!! We spent over $300 in this restaurant in a matter of week and we were treated like *** by a manager? She should have been happy we came back in this economy. WILL NEVER GO BACK BECAUSE OF HER.

Talked to the hostess, there were plenty of empty of tables downstairs.

She just wanted her to leave because we weren't spending anymore money.Hope her rudeness was worth losing customers.

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It's their restaurant, if they want you to leave, then you must leave.Only an inconsiderate and rude person would remain long after finishing a meal.

Especially a table that is in high demand.

And nobody cares how much you spent.It wouldn't even register on their scale if you never went again and told everyone you know not to go there.

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